Download Ballmasters: Ridiculous Ragdoll Soccer MOD APK v0.4.0 [Unlimited Currency] for Android

Name Ballmasters: Ridiculous Ragdoll Soccer
Category Sports
Size 62.0MB
Popularity 7098
Publisher Flowstate Games Ltd
Score 6.0
Publish Date 28/06/2021
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Mod Info:

Ballmasters: Ridiculous Ragdoll Soccer Built in menu, which includes the following functions:
1. Doubling technique (used when jumping, otherwise the character will get stuck)
2. Opponents are as small as ants
3. Unlimited Currency

Ballmasters: Ridiculous Ragdoll Soccer Game Introduction :

Experience the adrenaline rush of the game we all secretly wish soccer was, as you KICK, HEAD, PUNCH, WHACK, SLAP and pretty much use any technique imaginable to get the ball into the opposing team’s net.

Out goes the rulebook as you rollerblade onto the playing field in this THRILLING AND ABSURD reimagination of the most popular sport in the world.

It’s RAGDOLLS ON ROCKETS and they about to see you rollin’!


– This sport has it all: fast-paced action through an infinite amount of moves, strategies and techniques yet the most simple controls imaginable. Quick to get into, but insanely hard to master!


– With ragdoll-limbs flying around everywhere, anyone can and will score a lucky goal or two, but it will require SERIOUS SKILLS combined with some top baller IQ to master all aspects of your game and climb the ranks towards the coveted BALLMASTERS status.


– Your opponents got tangled up in their own limbs, did they? TOO BAD. Use that momentum to SCORE and literally add insult to injury, in a game where no two matches will ever be the same, or make sense for that matter.


– Experience a genuine arcade experience by having your (soon to be former) buddy hop in and challenge you ON THE SAME PHONE! Twice the fun for half the device!


– It’s all just “fun and games”, right? WRONG. A hill can only have ONE king and the view at the top of this particular hill is to die for. Only natural that many a contender will have to do just that in order for YOU to reach the top.


– Outplay the opposition with your choice of curious characters and exciting equipment, as you try to work out the optimal team composition strategy!

BALLMASTERS – the most epic game of ACTION SOCCER ever to grace the mobile sports arcade!

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