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Name Big Bad Wolf(MOD)
Category Puzzle
Size 116.7MB
Popularity 7557
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/11/2021
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Mod Info:

Big Bad Wolf(MOD) No google framework,Level entry does not cost items

Big Bad Wolf(MOD) Game Introduction :

Different from the original Wolf game ■■■
1 Different story
Draw Wolf card person, victim and method update!
2. Different characters
Three new people are added this time!
3 New elements
Costume changes for characters, and all kinds of themed activities!
■■【 Story 】■■
\”Draw a card.\”
\”This is the most important card in your life.\”
You wake up in a strange place with 14 strange men and women.
You\’ve been told the Wolf game is coming up.
Draw cards and divide into Wolf and sheep camps.
Whoever draws the Wolf card must take the life of a sheep.
The people who draw the card are required to find the real Wolf in the \”Wolf Trial\” and vote for execution.
The game of life and death to escape here begins.
■■【 game Summary 】■■
1 to explore
There are a number of new puzzles and mechanisms that require you to solve them based on the information at hand.
2 the Wolf trial
After the quest is complete, open the Wolf Trial. Please follow the evidence to find out who the real Wolf is!
Three escape
According to the story, gradually reasoning \”Wolf game\” the truth!
Can you save the day?
■■【 other elements 】■■
· Regularly hold themed activities to obtain luxurious rewards!
· \”Dress up\” for your favorite character!
· Get special FANBOOK! You can get it at half price after completing the normal ending!
· Achieve all kinds of achievements!
■■【 related facts 】■■
Thank you for enjoying our game.
Here are the play-by-play rules for Another:
■ All the main plot, including the true ending
■ The way a character changes costumes
■ Part of the event plot (each event has a detailed description of where it can be broadcast)

Big Bad Wolf(MOD) Game screenshot :

Big Bad Wolf(MOD)

Big Bad Wolf(MOD)

Big Bad Wolf(MOD)

Big Bad Wolf(MOD)

Big Bad Wolf(MOD) (116.7MB)

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