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Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit

Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit Game Introduction :

Bridge2Capital is a mobile application, designed and developed for small business owners in India. We have a 360-degree approach towards enabling growth of small businesses with access to on-demand financial services – Business Loans, Savings, Insurance & digital hissab.

Our objective is to accelerate local GDP by providing a financial and technological bridge to small businesses in small towns and cities of India. –

1. Hissab

Our Digital Hissab is a digital bahi khata for the small businesses who can maintain their day2day Hissab on their smartphones, access it anywhere, associate Hissab with specific type of people (owner, employee, tenant, customer, etc.), tag Hissab type through Bank/ in cash and then at the end of the day, access daily reports. Through this service one can also, notify the other party about the transactions, set reminders for due payments and save softcopies of hard receipts for dispute free & easy future referencing.

2. Business Loan

Bridge2Capital is a B2B business model which provides short-term unsecured business loan (working capital limit) to small businesses on a revolving basis in partnership with financial institutions.
The business model is designed to provide capital for business and monitor 100% end utilization of the funds. The business loan is provided on the basis of business turnover data which is financially verifiable, for example sales data via GSTN or Sales data verified by or digital hissab. Bridge2Capital offers 100% transparency in its transactions, with all disbursement done to GST suppliers against invoices presented. Bridge2Capital also ensures flexible repayment cycles as per choice of the customer and the entire business loan can be repaid in different tenures up to 180 days. We ensure that the small business owners focus on increasing their business turnover.

3. Digital Savings

We make daily savings easy for our Digital Dukandaars. With our digital savings service, you can start savings in 99.99% pure 24K gold with just Rs. 10. Easily buy and sell gold in a few clicks with zero charges paid for the safety of your investment.
Keep saving in the commodity you trust, GOLD. You can also get your gold delivered as a coin or jewellery simply from our application.



Credit line: ₹ 100,000 – 25,00,000
Credit Tenure : Up to 180 days
Repayment Period: Flexible Repayments
Reducing Annual Interest Rate: 18%-24%% daily compounding
Annual Technology Fee: 1-3% of approved credit limit + GST

Here is an example of how Bridge2Capital’s business loan is structured:

Credit Line: ₹ 100,000
Credit Days per Invoice: 30 Days
Repayment Days: Flexible
Annual Technology Fee @ 3% + GST: ₹ 3540
Invoice Financing
Invoice 1: ₹ 10,000 @ 24% pa for 30 days on weekly EMI basis
Per week EMI of ₹ 2500
Overall Interest Amount Paid: ₹ 115.43 (daily reducing basis)
Total Amount Paid: ₹ 10,115.43
Invoice 2: ₹ 50,000 @ 24% for 30 days on a weekly EMI basis
Per week EMI of ₹ 12500
Overall Interest Amount: ₹ 556.60 (daily reducing basis)
Total Amount Paid: ₹ 50,556.60

Bridge2Capital promotes a better experience for the end-consumer by providing short-term business loans to the retailers, enabling them to augment their stores with adequate inventory. It also aims to provide 100% online experience through a digital ecosystem in which they can integrate, right from collecting payments to making payments.
The objective of Bridge2Capital is to combine the everlasting value of trust with modern-day technology, and to provide the unorganized businesses access to affordable capital.
To know more about Bridge2Capital, visit or write to us at [email protected]

Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit Game screenshot :

Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit
Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit
Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit
Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit
Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit
Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit
Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit

Bridge2Capital: Instant Credit (11.7MB)

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