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Name Fantasy of sanctuary
Category Casual
Size 326.6MB
Popularity 2798
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/11/2021
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Mod Info:

Fantasy of sanctuary

Fantasy of sanctuary Game Introduction :

This is a high explosive rate of Buddha placed mobile tour, you can experience the strategy matching, lively competition! Off – line, earnings full warehouse! Ou Qi full, a soul! Come to another world and save this continent!

[Game introduction]

National welfare – 7 days login welfare is full, senior military general, orange equipment to help you fight

Tactical victory – Faction buffs, positional choices, multiple tactical victories

Competition for all – alliance for supremacy, passion for war! Cross – server confrontation, final battle peak! Challenge to become the best king!

Chinese style painting volume — Colorful Chinese style picture, nearly 100 unique and exquisite characters, bring the ultimate audio-visual feast

[Game features]

1, the whole European emperor ten even draw cool

Ultra high explosive rate, ocal possession! Five-star general explosion rate new high, seven days to log on senior god will not stop!

2. Buddhists put the goods online to receive the warehouse resources

Off-line can also obtain ultra high income, with play with stop, rare equipment, powerful military will hang up can be obtained!

Fingertip competitive silk blood reverse attack

Five camp strategy collocation, to create your exclusive decisive lineup! More arena, camp battle, cross – service peak competition you challenge!

Do the east and west will do in his name

Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, Jiang Ziya…… A hundred generals and soldiers of The Three Kingdoms will be at your disposal

Fantasy of sanctuary Game screenshot :

Fantasy of sanctuary

Fantasy of sanctuary

Fantasy of sanctuary

Fantasy of sanctuary

Fantasy of sanctuary (326.6MB)

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