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Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa

Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa Game Introduction :

The 2020 Official Learners Licence Practice Test that covers all the codes that are in K53. The app tests all the sections which are, Controls, Rules of the Road and Signs and Road Markings. The test also has questions for the 3 main codes; which are Code 8, Code 10 and Code 14. The three codes are sometimes referred to as Motorcycle Test, Light Motor Vehicle Test and Heavy Motor Vehicle Test. The questions are as the questions in the Official Traffic Department Exam/Test. The test has over 250 different and unique questions that are as per the K53 Learners Test that that is tested across the country by the Traffic Department. Additionally, the app has corrections of all the questions that are asked. User of this great can review their corrections to so that they will be able to address any mistakes or incorrect answers they may have made. The app is well rated owing to its easy of use, the ability to track your progress and the variety of questions that are available. Tracking of your progress is easy on the K53 Learners Licence App. Scores and corrections are available for each of the tests taken. The scores are saved for the tests taken which allows the user to track their progress. The pass mark for the tests are as per requirements set by the Traffic Department of South Africa. The pass mark for controls is 6 out of 8. The pass mark for Rules of the Road is 22 out of 28 and the pass mark for Signs and Road markings is 23 out 28.

Use of our app are sure to Pass the written and or Theory Test for the Learners Licence Questions Test that is set by the traffic department.

The app is great for those looking for a cheat sheet to pass the official South Learners that is set by the Traffic Department

What are the minimum age requirements for obtaining a learner\’s licence?
Motorcycles 125 cc or less (without a sidecar): 16 years of age

The app also has timed questions that are set according to the traffic department. The total available time to write the test is 1 hour or 60 min.

In the app you will be able to see your answers after completing the questions. In the exam you will not however be able to review your answers in the exam.

The app is only in English for now however it is designed so that users who struggle speaking English will be able to understand the questions asked.

All the pictures of the Road Signs and Markings are clearly visible so that the user can see the questions being asked.

Light motor vehicles not more than 3 500 kg: 17 years of age
All other vehicles (including motorcycles over 125 cc): 18 years of age

Foreigners can also apply for the Learners Licence. They would need to contact their relevant traffic department.

The learners licence is valid for 24 months

There is nothing in the legislation concerning L-Plates. They are not a requirement and are purely optional.

An L sign is useful for making other drivers aware that you are a learner driver. This can result in their being more prepared and hopefully less impatient should your driving not be as one might expect from an experienced driver. This in turn can keep your own stress levels down while driving.

Remember, though, that nothing may be placed on the windscreen, and the driver\’s view through the rear window must not be obscured.

The key word here is \’check\’. You physically need to check the car, not just say that you have.

If you fail your learners licence you can immediately book the test again and pass it next time with the help of our app.

Our app covers both written online questions. The Enatis website was consulted for some of the good questions in the app.

The app is free and does not require payment or the use of login details.

Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa Game screenshot :

Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa

Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa

Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa

Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa

Pass K53 Learners Licence Questions South Africa (5.8MB)

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