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Name Weenect – GPS
Category Lifestyle
Size 12.5MB
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Publisher Hareau SAS
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Publish Date 30/06/2022
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Weenect – GPS

Weenect – GPS Game Introduction :

Take care of your pets and loved ones no matter where you are. The Weenect app enables you to remotely track and configure your GPS tracker.

Main features:

– Real-time GPS tracking with no distance limits.

– Safe zones with automatic entry and exit alerts.

– Position history and terrain analysis.

– Positive reinforcement training using beeper and vibration functions.

– All your GPS trackers available in one account through the app.

*Always know where your pet is*

Never lose your pet again. Track their location whenever you like, in real-time and without distance limits, with Weenect. You can also define a security zone and get alerted if your dog or cat leaves it.

*Train your pet using positive reinforcement*

You can use Weenect instead of a training collar to train your pet using positive methods. By making the Weenect beep or vibrate at each mealtime, your pet will learn to associate the two events with each other. You\’ll then be able to tell them when it\’s time to come home, simply by clicking in the app.

*You decide the settings*

You can choose how often the tracker transmits its position: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, etc. If you need to find your pet quickly at any time, you can use the super live mode, which gives you a position every 10 seconds.

*Multiple views to choose from*

Our wireless-based system allows you to GPS track your dog or cat using a choice of different modes:

– Mutliple map types: Classic or Satellite View, High Definition and Terrain & Forest Trails.

– Augmented reality and a compass feature, which enables you to work out which way you are facing. The compass works by telling you which direction to head to reach your pet\’s GPS location, as well as the distance between you.

*View a history of your walks*

In addition to position history, the tracker also records your pet\’s activity and shows you its territory range. This enables you to see the distances your pet covers and how active it is.

*Be alerted if a problem occurs*

By downloading and installing the Weenect app you can configure different types of alerts:

– Entry/Exit in and from security zones

– Low battery (two automatic alerts, one at at 30% and one at 15%)

*The whole family on the same app*

Weenect is first and foremost about the idea of family: in other words, all the people we love and want to look after and take care of. You\’ll therefore notice that our service is also available for children and the elderly.

Our 100% secure trackers and apps are designed in France by a team passionately dedicated to ensuring that you can take care of those who mean the most to you, while at the same time allowing them the freedom they deserve.

We are always delighted to hear your thoughts and opinions. Our customer service, which is also based in France, is available seven days a week to answer your questions and listen to any comments or concerns you may have. You can contact us by email at fami[email protected]

Weenect – GPS Game screenshot :

Weenect - GPS
Weenect - GPS
Weenect - GPS
Weenect - GPS
Weenect - GPS

Weenect – GPS (12.5MB)

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